Winery » Winemaking

Varieties, grown in the right areas, in the most harmonious way with nature, are used to produce our wines. We believe in minimal intervention in both the vineyards and winery, so the grapes fully express the characters and influences of the vineyard sites.


White grapes and our sparkling bases are hand-picked to preserve varietal integrity and quality, and low yields are encouraged on all vineyard sites. Red fruit grown in the Perth Hills is hand-picked, whereas Margaret River reds are machine harvested in the cool of the night. The timing of harvest is based on taste.

Fermentation and Pressing

We have two basket presses, one mechanised, the other hand powered (with a little help of sweet grape juice for energy of course!). Both presses are old school, and deliberate oxidation of juice is common. Grapes are pressed to taste, and no additives are used.
Native yeasts are encouraged on all grape varieties.

Open fermenters, foot stomping and hand-plunging is used for fermenting reds. Each ferment and variety is treated on its merit. (no recipes here!) Typical fermentation lasts up to 28 days, but sometimes the stubborn native yeasts require a little more time! Temperature is used to control the rates of ferment.


About 85% of the wines we produce will see some oak during there life. Our Blanc de Blancs spends a minimum 30 months on yeast lees in the bottle, whereas our Verdelho may be released as early as May of the same year. All reds spend time in French oak. Because we have minimal filtration and no fining, the time in oak ensures stability, softness and balance. All wines are ready to drink upon release.


The fruity white and Rose are bottled young for freshness and vibrancy, whereas reds are bottled the following year. All wines are hand-bottled at the winery. Currently screw cap closures are used on all table wines to guarantee the wine as good as the day it was bottled.